1. Who can fill out the Smart2Start application?

    Any family with a child birth through 12th grade. We are working with many programs and providers in the City of Roanoke that have support for middle and high school students, as well as, traditional childcare and academic support for elementary children and those who are under age 5.
  2. Why should I fill out the Smart2Start application?

    This will help you find a reputable child care/early education provider for your child. This may include part day, full day, before and after school providers. Space is very limited and can be difficult to find. You don’t have to do the “legwork”, the Navigator does it for you!
  3. Can I choose where I want my child to attend?

    Yes, and we encourage you to choose your provider, however, we cannot guarantee placement with that provider, but will seek out alternatives for you if your first choice is not available.
  4. Is there a cost?

    No – the service to locate quality childcare is free. Based on the information you provide the Navigator may be able to connect you with resources that partially or fully cover the cost of childcare.
  5. What documentation will I need to provide?

    Upon enrollment into a program, you will need to provide a birth certificate for your child, a current physical, and a current immunization record. This can be uploaded during the application process and will help move things along faster.

    If you are seeking financial assistance or resources that will cover the cost of childcare, you will need to provide parent identification, proof of residency, and proof of income. This can also be uploaded during the application process and will help move things along faster.
  6. What will happen when I submit the application?

    A Navigator will reach out to you. They will follow up with you regarding any information not captured in the application, confirm the information they do have, and work with a provider to get your child placed as soon as possible.
  7. Does filling out a Smart2Start application guarantee my child a slot?

    Unfortunately, it does not guarantee placement, however, a Navigator may be able to help you find care where you did not know it was available.
  8. I heard the schools are covering the cost of childcare for children attending hybrid schedules this year? How can I be included in that option?

    You are correct, Roanoke City Schools are doing what they can to support families who are facing childcare challenges due to the virtual schedule this year. For children enrolled in Roanoke City Public Schools, you may qualify for dollars that are available to help cover the cost of care and Academic Support if your family makes 275% of the Federal Poverty Level. For a family of 4, that would be about $71,000 per year. Our Navigators will help you through this process.

    The providers for these Academic Support Centers are ensuring the following:
  • health and safety standards in place
  • ADA Compliant
  • Wi-fi capability with broadband to accommodate all students
  • appropriate study area for students
  • trained to support students in Blackboard
  • Specific plan for addressing Covid-19 including:
    • following CDC guidelines
    • social distancing in place
    • health checks/screenings
    • social distancing
    • cleaning and sanitation